Recreation During COVID-19

While the TRCC is closed, our team at Recreation, Parks, and Culture have been busy using the opportunity to meticulously clean and and maintain the TRCC and our other facilities. Recreation and fitness facilities are not due to re-open for a long time yet, but our aim is to ensure that when we do re-open, our residents feel safe and confident that the facility is ready for use.

Alternate Duties

Staff from Recreation have been working at City Hall and at the Public Works building to help ramp up our sanitation practices indoors.

During the winter, our maintenance team helped supplement snow clearing efforts around town (particularly sidewalks), and as the snow melts, they’re helping Public Works speed up their pothole repairs around town. They’ve also continued to clear the Millennium Trail and the Dog Park to help residents ensure they have a safe outdoor space to have fun while giving each other plenty of room.

TRCC Cleaning and Maintenance

Our staff at the TRCC have been busy taking advantage of the shut-down to polish up the building!

CA Nesbitt and Gordon Beard Arenas

  • Removed ice from the arenas and washed concrete floors;
  • Swept and pressure-washed bleachers;
  • Painted the walls of the CA Nesbitt Main Area;
  • Painted yellow visibility stripes on the CA Nesbitt stairs;
  • Repaired the doors to the CA Nesbitt Arena;
  • Cleaned the Gordon Beard arena boards;
  • Cleaned dressing rooms and disinfected the showers;
  • Replaced benches in Dressing Room 5 with Composite Wood;
  • Scrubbed scuffs and black marks from the dressing room hallways;
Fresh paint on the CA Nesbitt walls…
…The Gordon Beard player’s boxes…
…and the CA Nesbitt stairs!

Bill Comaskey Wellness Center/Fitness Area

  • Deep cleaned and re-arranged equipment in the fitness area;
  • Added three new machines to the fitness area;
  • Cleaned all the light fixtures and ducting;
  • Replaced all burnt out lights;
  • Cleaned all of the windows;
  • Removed tape, gum, and black marks from the Wellness Center floor
One of our more unique additions: the Krankcycle. It’s like a stationary bike for your arms.
A shiny new elliptical.
The S-Force acceleration trainer.

Play Area

Our maintenance team will be cleaning the play area over the next 1-2 weeks, including equipment, floors, walls, ducts, and vents.

There’s an awful lot to scrub down in the play area.

TRCC (In General)

  • Refurbished merchandise display in the TRCC;
  • Steam cleaned all bathrooms and change rooms;
  • Cleaned and buffed the lobby and hallway floors with three coats of wax;
  • Scrubbed and steam-cleaned the entrance floor, and deep-cleaned the carpets;
  • Repaired the grouting in the main entrance;
  • Cleaned and disinfected all garbage cans;
  • Cleaned and disinfected front reception area;
  • Cleaned the front office gate;
  • Cleaned the carpet in the Mary Fenske Board Room;
  • Deep-cleaned our storage areas;
  • Repaired many walls in preparation for painting;
Making those floors shine!
Grout and tile repair in the washrooms.
Thoroughly cleaning those porous surfaces.
We’re really getting into those nooks and crannies in the bathroom.
We’re getting reorganized…
…improving our workflow…
…and really focusing on the details.

We’ve also cleaned up the Southwood and Juniper warm-up shacks to ensure they’re ready for next winter!

Southwood Skating Rink Warm-up Shack
Juniper Skating Rink Warm-up Shack

Re-opening recreation and fitness facilities is part of the Province of Manitoba’s Phase 3 plan, and it’s going to be a while before we reach that point.

In the meantime, our staff are keeping busy, and we’re excited for the day we get to welcome everyone back inside!

If you’re going stir-crazy at home, check out Thompson Rec at Home on Facebook, where our Special Events Coordinator is curating cute and fun activities to keep you and your family busy throughout the week! You can also follow along right here, where we’ll be posting new activities every Wednesday!

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