We Want To Help Businesses Support Electric Vehicles in Thompson!

Help pioneer electric vehicle infrastructure in Thompson! Natural Resources Canada has announced that businesses interested in hosting Level 2 electric vehicle charging stations can apply to have 50% ($5,000 max per outlet) of the purchase and installation costs covered by the federal government under the Zero Emission Vehicle Infrastructure Program.

Each application must be submitted as a community, and requires a minimum of 20 outlets to be considered for the grant. The City of Thompson will coordinate identifying interested businesses and organizations in Thompson, who would like to take advantage of this grant opportunity, as we work in putting together a submission.

We would like to have as many interests being expressed by October 30, 2020 to demonstrate to the Federal Government that Thompson is serious about taking a unified approach towards becoming a greener, EV-friendly community.

If you’re a commercial or multi-unit residential property owner and are interested in accessing the grant, please contact our Economic Development Coordinator, Keisha Davis at ecdev@thompson.ca to find out more.

We’ve applied for one charging station so far!

Back in July, Council approved the application to fund the purchase and installation of a Level 3 charging station at the TRCC with the help of Natural Resources Canada.

A Level 3 charger is among the fastest consumer chargers, and can charge a vehicle battery from 0-80% in roughly 20 minutes. However, the cost of these charging stations limits the number that we can effectively purchase and install.

Why are we keen on Electric Vehicles?

Charging stations in Thompson also open up new opportunities for Winter Weather Testing in Thompson by delivering the infrastructure that testers need, and open doors to help the next generation of electric vehicles ready for the real-world rigors of northern Canada.

Electric vehicle battery technology also relies heavily on nickel, which means supporting the adoption of electrical vehicles also supports our local mining economy.

Contact for Zero Emission Vehicle Infrastructure Program:

Keisha Davis
Economic Development Coordinator

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