Thompson’s New Transit Buses Hit The Streets!

Today, the City of Thompson celebrated the arrival of two new 20-passenger ARBOC Spirit of Mobility transit buses which will provide the opportunity for a more reliable, safe and comfortable mode of transportation for Thompson residents. The addition of new, smaller transit buses will replace older, full-sized coaches making transit services more efficient and sustainable in the community.

The new buses are more proportional to the City of Thompson’s transit ridership than the previous full-sized transit buses, seating up to 20 people, with standing room available for more riders. Residents with reduced mobility can utilize this transit option for access to services in and around the City of Thompson.

The new buses will also include GPS systems which will help city planners assess the efficiency of existing transit routes, and in the future, allow residents to track buses in the city in real-time.

The Government of Canada and Government of Manitoba have each contributed toward the total eligible project costs through the Public Transit Infrastructure Fund (PTIF). The PTIF program provides short-term funding to help accelerate municipal investments to support the rehabilitation of transit systems, new capital projects, and planning for future transit expansion to foster long-term transit plans.

Revisions to Transit Routes Revisited

With the arrival of the new transit buses, the City of Thompson will also be revisiting bus routes in the city to make transit services more cost-efficient and improve access to transit services for mobility-impaired passengers. City planners will be working with Maple Bus Lines to improve on the first revision that was rolled out at the beginning of 2020, which was rolled back following resident concerns and logistical issues with the route.


“The arrival of these new buses will enhance transit service and encourage Thompson residents to choose a greener and more efficient way to commute. Investing in public transit supports efficient, sustainable and eco-responsible transportation, and helps improve connections between people and communities. Canada’s infrastructure plan invests in thousands of projects, creates jobs across the country, and builds cleaner, more inclusive communities.”

The Honourable Dan Vandal, Minister of Northern Affairs, on behalf of the Honourable Catherine McKenna, Minister of Infrastructure and Communities

“Our government is a proud supporter of public transit and pleased to partner on the purchase of new transit buses for the City of Thompson. Strategic investments in public transit infrastructure improves accessibility and the quality of life in Manitoba communities.”

The Honourable Reg Helwer, Minister of Central Services

“Improvements to our transit system have been a long time coming. Public transit that works well is an important part of an accessible and inclusive city.”

Colleen Smook, Mayor, City of Thompson

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