The City of Thompson is pleased to announce that Vale Canada will be contributing up to $125k towards the purchase of asset management software for city operations.

The software is an essential step towards completing and implementing the City of Thompson’s Asset Management Plan, a long-term strategy to ensure City facilities and equipment operate without undue costs, delays, or interruptions into the future.

“Vale is proud to support the City of Thompson with community development initiatives that strengthen and improve the sustainability of Thompson and the region. Vale recognizes the benefits of an asset management program for efficient long-term planning and knows from experience the importance of integrated operations scheduling for cost savings and sustainable improvement.”

Gary Annett, Head of Manitoba Operations

An asset management program will log all city assets into one database, from buildings and parks to equipment of all shapes and sizes. It will create a central place to manage routine maintenance, work orders. It will also help track the cost of that maintenance over time and work with our existing software to incorporate labour hours and more.

What that means is that staff from different levels and departments will be working with from the same set of information and planning framework, so that they can better understand how their decisions impact the finances and operations of other departments and make more informed long-term decisions.

“Planning for sustainability is a critical issue in Thompson, both for the City and for Vale, and we’ll continue to work together as we make big investments into our future in the north. We need a strong plan to make sure those investments last, and we need the right tools to make good on those plans. A clear and complete database for asset management is central to that success.”

Mayor Colleen Smook

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