We’ve Re-Organized Our Website!

Have you noticed a change at Thompson.ca? Our website received a big overhaul this week, and it goes well beyond the ol’ look-and-feel facelift. We’ve also reorganized how our content is structured entirely to help make basic information easier to find for residents, and easier for us to keep updated.

So Where Can I Find My Information Now?

Instead of organizing our information by department (with information linked three layers deep), we’ve re-organized information based on the services people need, following the best practices of other communities of similar size. There’s four basic groups to choose from:

Services: The basic services that residents use every day, including Garbage and Recycling, Street Cleaning, Transit, Water and Wastewater, and more.

Visit and Play: Information about parks, trails, skating, the TRCC as a whole, local attractions, and upcoming events.

Business: Information for businesses and prospective entrepreneurs, like our Community Investment Profile, organizations that can help with planning and funding, licensing requirements, and commercial services.

City Hall: The nitty gritty stuff. Council meetings, strategic plans, by-laws, and home of specific initiatives like Reaching Home.

We’re Still Making Improvements

We’re still making small additions and small adjustments, including:

  • Fixing launch bugs with our new News section;
  • Updated information for residential construction requirements and property standards;
  • Uploading more forms and making them available online;
  • Geotagging maps for our parks, trailheads, and more;
  • Upgrading our Recreation Department’s booking system for arenas and gyms
  • Creating a one-stop shop for people seeking recreational info in Thompson.

The Website Doesn’t Look Right When I Load It!

Does the website look all messed up to you? Don’t worry: we had problems when we fired it up first as well. If you’re on thompson.ca often, your browser has probably stored a bunch of information it’s still trying to call on.

If the website doesn’t look right to you, you likely need to clear your browser’s cache. If you don’t know how to do this, follow these steps or give me a shout:

  • In the top-right-hand corner of most browsers, there’s usually a symbol made up of three dots.
  • Click on these dots, and a drop-down menu should appear.
  • Select “Settings”
  • Most Settings functions have a search bar, at the top or on the side. Search the word “cache”
  • An option should appear that refers to “clear browser data” or something similar. Click this option.
  • By default, a few different boxes will be checked. You only need to select the option that is similar to “Cached Images and Files”. If you are unfamiliar or uncomfortable with the other options that are available, un-check them to avoid any problems with browsing later.
  • Click “Clear Data”. Sometimes this takes a moment, but once it’s finished, the website should work!

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