Thompson Becomes The First Certified Sled-Friendly Community!

The team from Sled MB 53 paid a visit to Thompson’s City Hall today to announce that Thompson has been named Manitoba’s first Sled-Friendly Community!

The certification is awarded to safe and accommodating destinations for snowmobilers and helps promote snowmobile tourism in Northern Manitoba.

The Sled Friendly certification program makes participants aware of the unique needs of snowmobilers including factors like having warm-up and washroom facilities available, providing space for snowmobile staging, and ensuring gas, lodging and food are accessible for snowmobilers.

The program also ensures community members are familiar with snowmobile operation legislation and the trails available in their area.

Left to Right: Laura Findlay (Community Futures), Colleen Smook (City of Thompson), Alan McLaughlin (SledMB 53)

“We’re excited to lead the province in earning the Sled-Friendly Community certification. It wouldn’t be possible without the businesses in our community who support snowmobiling, and without our local Thompson Trailbreakers snowmobile club, who help to maintain our local trail network.

Snowmobiling plays a big role in communities across northern Manitoba, and we’re excited to see the certification appear across the region. The best part about snowmobiling in the north is that no matter where you go, you’re welcome here.”

Mayor Colleen Smook, City of Thompson
Thompson has an extensive network of groomed and ungroomed trails connecting local landmarks and other northern communities, with amenities like wood-heated warm-up shacks.

The Sled-Friendly certification is available for both communities as a whole and individual businesses within those communities: many businesses in Thompson have already achieved the Sled-Friendly certification. It’s administered through a partnership between Sled MB 53 and the Manitoba Tourism Education Council. The training is free for for businesses and communities north of the 53rd parallel!

To learn more about Sled MB 53 and the Sled-Friendly program, visit!

Located 10 kilometers south of Thompson, Manasan Falls is an iconic vista for snowmobilers in the area.

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