Mayor and Council Approve Grant-in-Lieu and Aquatic Centre Contribution with Vale Manitoba Operations

At the April 11, 2022 Regular Meeting of Council, Mayor and Council approved the new four-year Grant-in-Lieu (GIL) agreement from Vale Canada Ltd for the years 2022-2025.

Vale has committed to pay $3 million CAD annually, for a base total of $12 million. In addition to the new agreement, Vale is also making an investment of $2 million CAD towards the Thompson Aquatic Centre.

“It hasn’t been an easy time for Vale or the City, and we’re glad that Vale recognizes the need to keep investing in Thompson,” said Mayor Colleen Smook. “A strong GIL contribution benefits everyone: it helps us maintain the services we have, renew our infrastructure, and of course, to get a new pool built.”

“These things benefit everyone in the community,” she added, “including Vale’s employees.”

“Vale remains committed to the long-term future of Thompson and the region,” said Gary Annett, Head of Vale Manitoba Operations. “Our operations have worked very hard to turnaround our business over the last few years and attracting the $150 million investment for Phase 1 of the Thompson Mine Extension Project. This new agreement and investment in the pool demonstrates our continued commitment to the community.”

Annett said the company is honoured to be able to also contribute to the new aquatic center. “A new pool provides many benefits for the physical, mental, emotional, and social health of the community and surrounding area,” Annett said. “Vale is very happy to play a role in helping it become a reality and improving Thompson’s quality of life.”

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