Water Renewal Digging On Deerwood Drive Starts Monday

Heavy equipment has been mobilizing in Deerwood this week to start water and sewer renewal on Deerwood Drive, and contracting crews will start to dig the installation trench on Monday. That means Deerwood Drive is going to be a busy place. Here’s what residents in the area can expect:

A Section of Deerwood Drive Will Be Closed to All Traffic, Including Local Traffic

The first section that will be closed on Monday is the section between 124-148 Deerwood Drive, right on the main curve of the road.

Residents will not be able to access or leave their driveways during these full road closures. Residents who need to use their vehicles will need to park down the street, either on Elk Bay, Martin Bay, Beaver Crescent or Staghorn Drive.

We recognize this is going to be an awkward time for some motorists: as long as everyone parks in a way that’s respectful to their neighbours and fellow motorists, we won’t be issuing tickets to residents in the area.

The area where the road is closed will be moving down the road through the project. Contractors will be communicating these movements to homeowners just before they happen, but you can also tell when the area is about to shift: once the trench is backfilled, you know the closed area is about to be relocated.

Crews will also be working near the Rotary Splash Pad on Monday. In this area, only one lane will be closed to prevent blocking access to multiple streets in the area, though work will proceed a bit slower as a result.

As Areas Are Trenched, Curbs and Driveways May Be Damaged

As trenches are dug, driveways are going to be partially ripped up and damaged. Once construction is complete for the season, all driveways and curbs will be repaired with their original materials: concrete for concrete, asphalt for asphalt, gravel for gravel.

Once a trench is dug and backfilled, the contractor will build ramps or make adjustments to ensure people can still use their driveways safely before they are fully repaired.

Juniper Drive Renewals May Start Tuesday

The construction equipment to begin renewals on Juniper Drive are on their way to Thompson and will begin to mobilize next week as early as Tuesday. However, the water main on Juniper Drive is being replaced through a drilling and pushing process, rather than by a full excavation, meaning road closures and driveway interruptions should be minor and minimal.

For More Information

For more detailed information about the project and upcoming interruptions, you can call our Engineering Technician, Mike Webb, at 204-307-1064.

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