2022 Thompson Municipal Election Results

Initial, unofficial counts have been completed for the 2022 Thompson Municipal Election, with 2,070 out of 7,578 eligible voters turning out to elect Thompson’s new Mayor and Council.

Unofficial results in the order of votes are as follows, with bold names indicating elected officials.

Colleen Smook964Kathy Valentino1,394
Les Ellsworth711Sandra Oberdorfer1,222
Ron Matechuk388Louis Fitzpatrick1,145
Brian Lundmark1,135
Duncan Wong949
Chiew Chong926
Earl Colbourne857
Joyce McIvor833
Addie Colbourne696
Robert Chuckrey693
James MacIntyre647
Rita Werstroh608

School District of Mystery Lake Board of Trustees Acclaimed

The School District of Mystery Lake had exactly as many candidates for School Trustees as the number of seats available, meaning that the Board of Trustees was acclaimed as of September 20. Your 2022-2026 School District of Mystery Lake Trustees are:

  1. Lindsay Anderson
  2. Michelle Tomashewski
  3. Abbie Humby
  4. Mike Lawson
  5. M. D. Sharker
  6. Henk Warnar-Brown
  7. Bryan Young

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