Council helps RCMP celebrate 150th anniversary

Thompson Mayor Colleen Smook and members of city council joined Thompson RCMP members and other local partners at the Thompson detachment May 23 for cake and cupcakes to celebrate the 150th anniversary of the national police force.

Accompanied by Deputy Mayor Kathy Valentino and councillors Louis Fitzpatrick and Joyce McIvor, as well as Thompson Fire & Emergency Services members, who work closely with the police, and StreetReach North team members in attendance, the mayor congratulated the RCMP on the milestone and thanked the officers in attendance for their service.

“We appreciate all you do in the community, all of you, so thank you,” Smook said.

An act establishing the Northwest Mounted Police, the predecessor to the RCMP, to provide policing services in Canada’s Northwest Territory, including areas that are now Yukon, Nunavut, Alberta, and Saskatchewan, was passed by Parliament on May 23, 1873. The RCMP was formed in 1920 by the merger of the Northwest Mounted Police and the Dominion Police in eastern Canada. The RCMP has provided provincial policing services in Manitoba since 1932 and the force has more than 700 detachments in 150 communities across the country today.

The Thompson RCMP detachment is also planning a street party on Selkirk Avenue in front of their building in July to mark the anniversary.

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