Week 3 of Clean Community Month Starts Today!

It’s the third week of Clean Community Month in Thompson, and this week, we’re in the Eastwood and Riverside areas!

Send us your photos and the names of your clean-up team for a chance to win a Hub of the North Hoodie, a prize pack from Recycle Everywhere and the Thompson Recycling Center, and this week’s big prize from Canadian Tire: a blue CANVAS Winston Chair, perfect to kick back in during those rainy days this summer (which there seem to be plenty of)!

Thank you to EVERYONE who participated in Week 2: Individuals can’t win the draw a second time, but if you go out to clean up again, other members of your team definitely can! If you didn’t win last week, you can still participate and get a second chance this week!

If you need a place to start, the 70 Stretch of Mystery Lake Road definitely need some attention.

As the wind picks up, it seems like there’s still plenty of litter still blowing into the downtown area. We’re more than happy to accept entries from downtown cleaners as well!

Thanks to all of our volunteers this week!

Thanks to everyone who helped clean up our City last week, and everyone who plans to come out in the coming month!

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