Fill Out the Thompson Community Safety Survey

The The City of Thompson and the Community Wellness and Public Safety Advisory Committee wants your help in developing a comprehensive public safety strategy for Thompson by filling out the Thompson Community Safety Survey.

We want residents to not only express their sense of safety and its causes, but also your sense of community connection, and your vision of Thompson in the present and future.

Click here to Fill Out the Thompson Community Safety Survey.

You can fill out the survey online at the link above, or get a paper copy at City Hall or the Ma-Mow-We-Tak Friendship Centre. Hard copies can be returned in a sealed envelope to the Front Desk at either office during public hours. The survey is anonymous: hard copies submitted will be compiled by the committee’s consulting team, Community Safety and Knowledge Alliance (CSKA) and submitted to the committee as a whole.

What is the Community Wellness and Public Safety Advisory Committee?

The Community Wellness and Public Safety Advisory Committee began its work in January 2020; in March, the Province of Manitoba awarded the City of Thompson with a $36, 000 grant to hire Community Safety and Knowledge Alliance as experienced consultants to facilitate the planning process.

Sixteen different organizations were represented in these initial planning sessions, led by Advisory Committee co-chairs Dee Chaboyer (Ma-Mow-We-Tak Friendship Center), Mike Bourgon (City of Thompson Fire and Emergency Services), and Staff Sergeant Chris Hastie (RCMP).

New Approaches to old problems

Since the 1990s, Thompson’s City Councils and local agencies have grappled with the challenge of addressing social health in Thompson. Although many discussions between community leaders have taken place over the years, they have rarely been assembled into a unified vision for Thompson as a community. Previous attempts at planning have suffered from insufficient resources, limited representation, and loose frameworks for accountability.

The Advisory Committee has discussed these barriers in detail, with a clear path to improvement.

Collaboration: This may be surprising, but the Community Wellness and Public Safety Advisory Committee represents the first time that the City, Thompson RCMP, and community agencies have come together to create an integrated, community-wide approach to public safety in Thompson. Previous strategies have suffered from isolation and limited resources: just as isolation breeds crime in communities, it also makes it more difficult to bring under control.

Building on Success: The Advisory Committee aims to harness the promising programs that have shown limited success in Thompson, and seeks to develop and enrich those programs while helping them work together towards their common goals.

This includes initiatives like the Thompson Community Response Team that works to overcome barriers and develop coordinated responses for urgent social service cases, and Ma-Mow-We-Tak’s Second Chances for Youth program, which uses restorative justice to develop a meaningful sense of accountability and community among youth who have committed minor crimes.

Accountability: Many community initiatives are stymied by the need for approvals from boards or directors, and when leadership is not present at the table, these decisions are often pushed to the back of people’s minds. The new Advisory Committee is made up of community leaders directly responsible for decision-making within their organizations, minimizing barriers to communication and delays from approvals and chains of command.


5 thoughts on “Fill Out the Thompson Community Safety Survey

  1. We need more foot patrol
    For our safety..
    To much going on.
    So much people walking around drunk.
    We need to bring our community of Thompson back.


  2. Too much garbage,too many drunks,too many begging for money,too much vandalism,hardly safe to walk in broad daylight,fine/penalize lawbreakers no matter who they are


  3. Too many problems and people move away from Thompson because of them. There are drunks everywhere, crime happening everyday, lack of pride in the properties both residential and comercial, very little recreation, lack of child care for working parents, lack of activities for children, few retail stores, aging infrastructure, high property taxes, and City administration is cutting down front line workers to cut budget instead of monitoring staff performance. Never seen so many City trucks driving around without purpose.
    This place is getting worse every year.


  4. Too many drunks ! Especially!!! By wal mart asking for $$ /food /clothing /people selling pills !! .These people should be ship back to thr community, and open homeless shelter in thr community. Drunks behind the other businesses properties it’s a Shame ! Closed that homeless and ship these people home to thr community before the second wave of Covid 19 get into this town it’s scary !!!


  5. We need to get funding to open or build a new swimming pool and waterslides. Something to get kids and adults busier without drinking or getting into drugs. We need more recreational activities like swimming, rock climbing section, community gardens, painting, pottery, archery, paint ball, lazer tag…. A home for homeless people or alcoholics to get off the street. Or a safe place for them to be instead of in every bush around town. Less people loitering around the downtown area. Clean up of glass around the city. And garbage.


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