City of Thompson Awarded $47 Million for Water and Sewer Main Renewal Program Through ICIP

The Government of Canada and the Province of Manitoba have announced that the City of Thompson will be receiving $47 million towards its Water and Sewer Main Renewal Program as part of the 2019 Investing In Canada Infrastructure Program (ICIP)’s Green Infrastructure Stream (GIS).

The grant includes a federal contribution of $18.8M, a provincial contribution of $15.6M, and a $12.5M contribution from the City of Thompson. The grant will fund renewal of nearly 14km of water lines in the community, as well as 3.3km of wastewater lines over a five-year period.

Water and wastewater work will be coordinated section by section to be completed prior to overlapping road work, to make sure work is efficient and cost-effective as possible.

Deerwood DriveJuniper Drive
Riverside Drive (Granite Crescent to Mystery Lake Road)Centennial Drive East
Hayes RoadCentennial Drive West
Burntwood DrivePrinceton Drive
Station Road (Princeton Drive to Industrial Area)Westwood Drive
Wuskwatim BayWekusko Street

Water & Sewer utility upgrades scheduled for renewal through the $47M ICIP grant awarded on August 13, 2021, according to their complementary roads. Construction will take place over a 5-year period.

“This grant didn’t fall in our laps overnight: much like our roadwork announcements earlier this month, this grant took three years of extensive planning and difficult budget choices to prepare for it,” said Mayor Colleen Smook. “Thompson is the Hub of the North, providing services for over 50, 000 people across northern Manitoba, and basic infrastructure like roads, water, and sewer are the bedrock for our businesses and residents who work hard to provide them. This second massive investment, from federal and provincial governments, recognizes our critical role in the north.”

Between this announcement and the road renewal funding announced on July 26, Thompson will be receiving $87 million in funding towards fundamental infrastructure upgrades through the 2019 ICIP program.

“These two announcements are first few steps towards a new and sustainable future for Thompson. We’re still working with our federal and provincial partners to do more for our residents and the visitors who rely on us every day, in recreation, public safety, and more,” added Mayor Smook.

Read the Provincial announcement, along with the other projects awarded funding under the GIS Stream, here:

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