Lead Testing in Thompson: What You Need To Know!

The City of Thompson is offering residents testing of their tap water for lead, free of charge, for a limited time only.

Why is the City of Thompson testing for lead?

Lead is not natural to Manitoba source waters or found in the water entering distribution systems. Lead is introduced into drinking water through corrosion of lead-based plumbing materials. The impact of corrosive water can only be determined by monitoring tap water quality.

The City of Thompson uses copper or HDPE (plastic) water mains. The water supply is continually tested and results are posted annually on the City of Thompson’s website. The water is consistently safe to drink. However, the City’s water distribution system ends at the private property line. Most residential piping in Thompson is also made from either copper or plastic, but older homes with copper piping sometimes used lead soldering to connect pipes, and this may create elevated lead levels in the water.

Residential lead testing results will give both the City of Thompson and the Office of Drinking Water an idea of whether lead is a broader issue in homes, and whether wider action is necessary.

Is Lead Dangerous?

Lead exposure can effect the health of everyone, but fetuses, infants and young children are the most sensitive to lead exposure. The Canadian Drinking Water Guidelines state that lead concentration in drinking water should not exceed 0.005 mg/L and recommends that child care providers and schools test their drinking water for lead.

How do I request a test?

If you want to get your water tested for lead, you can call one of the two contacts listed at the end of this article before September 15, 2022. Participants will be selected on a first-come, first-serve basis. If you are selected, one of our contacts will let you know how the sample will be collected.

You will receive the results of your test when they are available, and if there are elevated levels of lead in your drinking water, we will give you advice about how you can reduce the lead seeping into your water in your home.

To request a lead test, contact either:

Michael Webb

Tyson Brenton

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